Heb Lais / No Voice
Cylch Bywyd 1 / Life Cycle 1
Llais – Man Son / Voice – Murmur
Gwlad - Troad Allan / Land – Expulsion
Ymson 3 / Soliloquy 3
Heddwch / Peace
Gwylnos / Vigil
Dwyn Tystiolaeth / Bearing Witness

Christine Kinsey – Welsh woman artist and author

Christine Kinsey is an artist and author whose paintings, drawings, film and writing reassess the way women have been portrayed within a Celtic/Christian culture. She reinterprets the portrayal of women through a feminist imagination in order to ‘bear witness’ to the injustices women continue to experience. Christine has created a series of woman characters who act as guides and messengers enabling her to explore the themes of enclosure and liberation. Her experience of growing up in the industrial valleys of south east Wales, Cymreictod a sense of feeling and being Welsh, and being Co-founder and the first women Artistic Director of Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff, form a backdrop against which each character enacts a role. Her visual images are portals into other worlds and incorporate symbols and motifs through which the characters reveal the interface between an inner and outer life through the imagination. Each image is a fragment of her ongoing creative process which forms a ‘journey of becoming.’

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